Cleaning & Care

Cleaning & Care

Where and how to store

Leather goods must be stored in a well-ventilated place with low humidity and low sunlight.
- Do not cover with plastic ( plastic bags, etc.),
Keep light pices away from the darker ones;

How to use

In the daily use of leather er articles, the following rules must be respected;

- Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight. As with any other material, prolonged exposure of the skin to sunlight causes discoloration. Some leather types are more sensitive than others, for example, suede leather items - with a velvety appearance - and leather in blue, green and red tones;
- Regular use of leather items is recommended. These are able to mold to the body, providing a unique comfort; 
- The continued friction in a localized way can cause undesirable changes in the leather.
Avoid contact with beauty products as these are likely to cause blemishes or other undesirable effects on the leather.

How to clean

- To clean small surface stains use a soft, slightly damp cloth (if using any detergent, use one with neutral pH).
- Car and furniture upholstery must be hydrated with products specially indicated for this purpose. Check with the seller about the most suitable procedures and products.
- Leather items must be dried at room temperature, away from any heat sources.

Before applying any cleaning or maintenance product, test it on a non-visible part of the product.

Important Notes:
- Ask the seller for advice on the precautions to be taken to keep the product in good condition.
- Check the labels that come with the products and that may provide information about care and instructions to follow.
- There is no universal formula for the treatment and maintenance of leather items.
- We recommend that you entrust the cleaning of leather items to professionals of recognized competence.


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